Frequently asked questions

QuexMe is all about questions (also known as quexes in the app), so here are some questions and answers about QuexMe.

Where does QuexMe get its name?

QuexMe is shorthand for “Question Me.”

What is a quex?

A Quex is a question. Create different types of quexes depending on the responses you’d like to offer. For example, you can create a quex where the answers are Yes or No. Your quex can ask people to rate something, rank options, or pick an answer among a list of choices.

How do I create a “good” quex?

Create quexes that are interesting to you and strive to offer response options which are mutually exclusive, comprehensively exhaustive (MECE). We also recommend enabling “randomize options” whenever options do not have a natural order (e.g. a numbered series) to prevent order bias.

MECE Example: Notice the quex on the left has overlapping response options (i.e., 5 years appears in the first and second option, 10 years appears in the second and third option). Therefore, these options are not mutually exclusive. It also is not completely exhaustive as it covers neither respondents whom have not played the piano, nor respondents whom have played longer than 15 years. See the quex on the right for an example which meets the MECE principle.

What is a Quexar?

Quexars are credits users get for doing different things in the app, such as creating and answering Quexes. They are similar to reputation points on some other websites and apps. In the future, users will be able to spend points on various rewards within the app.

What’s a Quince?

A quince is 1 hundredth of a quexar. So, as a cent is to a dollar, or a pence is to a pound, a quince is to a quexar.

How do I download QuexMe?

QuexMe for mobile can be downloaded directly from the iOS and Google Play app stores.

Download for Android

Download for iOS

How does QuexMe protect my privacy?

We keep all individual QuexMe responses confidential. Also, we will never sell, share, rent or otherwise intentionally transfer personal information to direct marketing companies or anyone else. We do show the overall results of QuexMe questions in the mobile app, where they may be viewed by users who responded to that Quex. In addition, we allow QuexMe users to view results by demographic categories, such as by age or gender or geographic location. We may provide this type of aggregate data to market research clients for sponsored Quexes. We never sell or otherwise use data at an individual level that would allow the identification of individual responses. To learn more, please review our Privacy Policy.

I’m having trouble logging in, how do I change or reset my password?

If you are having trouble logging in you can simply select the “Forgot Password?” button from the iOS or Android login pages. Instructions to securely reset your password will be sent to your email. For additional support please contact us at

How can I delete my account?

From the dashboard, tap the person icon on the top left hand of the screen to open the side menu. From the side menu, open the Settings page. On the Settings page, tap the menu item “Delete Account”. In order to permanently delete your account, you must check the checkbox to confirm youraction, then tap the “Delete Forever” button.

How does deleting my account affect the data I’ve created?

All the Quexes you have created, including their response data, will be permanently deleted from our system. Responses you have provided for Quexescreated by other users will be retained as responses are always anonymous and viewed by end users as aggregate data. The groups you have created will also be permanently deleted.

If you have additional questions or feedback, please let us know!